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(Nashville, Tennessee - TN, USA)

Nashville International Airport (BNA) - Guide to Nashville (BNA) Airport

Travel is made difficult in Nashville because attractions here are not located in close proximity and hiring a car is advisable. You can get to Nashville via routes 40, 65 and 431. Greyhound buses offer services to Nashville from many urban centers. However, local bus services are fairly limited. Nashville is serviced by Amtrak trains which run regular daily services from all major cities across the country.

The most convenient way to get to Nashville is by air. Nashville International Airport and nearby Memphis International Airport offer a range of routes to and from most national airports. All major carriers are represented.

Nashville's airport is only a medium sized hub and direct flights into Nashville from outside the US are limited. The airport itself is located about eight miles from the city and has car hire services and shuttle buses for connections with downtown Nashville.

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